Theatre Thursday

It is hard to recreate something you built before.  It never quite recreates with the same amazing look.  Although I like how the set for Lion King Jr at CET has come together, but the original set is a work I love!  Click here to read about that show and that set.

The director for the CET show saw my origianl set and lights for Lion King Jr and wanted me to re-create the show.  So, I saved the pieces at strike (the best I could) and months later, I brought them all to CET.

Parent volunteers come in on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 3 weeks and helped to put it all back together.  The stage is smaller and there isn’t much of a fly rail, so I had to make many alterations.


I even taught them the beauties of using a feather duster on the floor.  You can click here to learn more about how to paint using the feather duster.

The lighting was even harder to recreate because there aren’t the resources at the CET space.  However, it isn”t half bad considering all the adjusting I am making.

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