#bethelight – Day 308-309

I am so tired.

Yesterday I worked from sun up to well after sun down.  I needed to work on my set at the high school, and all of my family was gone except Lilli who needed to go to work.  My garden has done well this year, especially remarkable since I haven’t been able to work in much over the past two or three years.  But since it has done so well, I couldn’t see it all go to waste.  So, I was up early picking tomatoes and tomatilloes and green peppers.  I left the house early so I could hit the farmer’s market.  Then, I headed to the high school.  I had plenty of student help.  Jeff was there a bit.  He ran to the store a couple times for me and he had to run out to a local theatre for a lottery for a fund raiser.  When he was there he was very helpful.  a couple parents came too, but they didn’t get to stay for long.  The kids try, but most of them are afraid of the saw,  It slows progress when I am being pulled in all directions to make a cut, drive a stubborn screw, and answer questions.  I finally sent everyone home around 3 and headed to the grocery store.  I was finally able to start me canning around 4pm.  I interrupted my canning around 7 to run Lilli and a friend to Salem for a dance.  I finally turned off the burners around 3am.  At least I didn’t let anything go to waste.  In addition, I am served my family by making homemade goodness for the months ahead.

Today is Sunday.  My body is so tired, but I woke up the same time I always do.  Made I will work on some self kindness and sneak in a nap later.  I need it!

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