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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 304 and Day 305

Wow… I made it to the end of a rather long tech week. Home late. Up early. I am so tired that I didn’t blog yesterday. But I had many things to be grateful for over the past couple of days.

John did his best to bring me a little something to eat while I’ve been tied to my theatre space. Last night he brought me a burrito and a bag of chip. I had saved the chips for today, knowing that it was going to be a very long day. I got to eat a couple chips, but not many. So many people would just walk by and help themselves. Even while I was giving the cast and crew notes, a young man helped himself. So I guess I am grateful I had something to tied him over… and since I worked through dinner (writing and updating sound cues while the cast and crew ate), I am grateful there is food at home.

I am grateful that my friend Micheal came to help with a sound issue. It turns out I wasn’t totally wrong. I had chased the issue to the right place, I just didn’t have the tools to finish the job. I am grateful he gave up a couple hours to help us out and that he loaned us a few things to make our projections work.

I am grateful that the kids did such a great job today. I am so proud of them. I really is going to be a great show. We had parents come tonight to preview the show. I am so grateful they laughed. I mean, I think it’s hilarious. I am so glad other people think so too.

I am grateful that while I was gone all day with the show, John did some chores at home. We now have light on the front of the house! Woot! No more walking out in the dark.

I am thankful Kimber took Kirby to the groomer. He looks so good!

I am grateful that when I popped onto Facebook for a little bit I got to see some awesome pictures of McKay’s family, taken by Kimber. They are so great! Made my day.

I am grateful that my friend Jeff and I get along so well and work so well together. It makes work play.

I am grateful for the in-service workshop I went to yesterday. I learned a ton. I enjoyed the speaker very much.

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