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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 306 and Day 307

I’m not sure what happened… I wrote yesterday and it didn’t post. I mostly wrote about loving the Sabbath and loving going to church and playing with grand kids and that the sugar-free pumpkin pie I tried my hand at.

Today was a little rough. My classes were so chatie! I was yelling stop talking so much. Even my friend Jeff scolded them. They would not take me seriously so I threatened a class lunch time detention to cover the lesson material we missed. Sheesh!

However, I did find some things to be grateful for.

I am grateful that my friend Jeff is there to support me.

I am grateful that I am making headway with my goals setting for work.

I am grateful that rehearsals are going okay and we are working out all our kinks.

I am grateful that John hit the grocery store for me. I haven’t been able to go because we lost my debit card and I need a new one and I haven’t been able to get to the bank. I tried today, but it completely escaped me that banks would be celebrating Columbus Day. Sigh. I will have to try to squeeze it into a different day.

I am grateful for my morning to time to study the scriptures. I am also reading an interesting book. I will have to get back to you on how that goes.

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