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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 9 and Day 10

I am on the road. We made a quick trip to Utah for the most amazing family event. However, two 13 hour days in a car and one day of family activity makes it hard to post. Add to that a lack of internet…

But I need to keep up. Today is day two of the 13 hour driving.

So, Friday I was grateful for John Hatch and his friendship and his willingness to trust us with his trailer.

I was grateful for a safe drive, especially through the dicey, icy moments.

I was grateful for a car that travels without mid-trip repairs. So much of my travel experience includes a mid-trip car repair.

I am grateful for people at home who are holding down the fort and helping Lilli get to where she needs to be, when she needs to be there. Thanks friends and family.

Saturday, I was grateful for family.

I am grateful for temples and ordinances and glimpses into eternity. I am grateful that angels attended, the children seemed to understand at a spiritual level, Kaiden was excited, yet calm, that the temple was a beautiful experience.

I am grateful for Chad who was a big help with the kids at the temple. He has such a big heart! He sure loves those kids.

I am grateful that we got to spend a little time with the grandkids and helping Myles and McKay begin their move. It was amazing that we got everything that was in the storage unit into our truck and the trailer.

I am grateful for FaceTime and the chance to class my sista friend Jo. Sure love her!

Now it is 6 in the morning and we are about to hit the road. I may not be able to post later in the day. Depends on the smoothness of the drive.

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