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Developing and Attitude of Gratitude – Day 25

Today has been a bit of an usual day.  It started with aches and pains that made it hard to feel motivated to get out of bed.  I eventually got the energy to power through the discomfort and grabbed clean underclothing and headed to the shower.  One problem.  They were NOT clean, those pesky underclothing. See… I have not been home much and moving my laundry at 10 pm isn’t exactly polite since people are sleeping.  The whites were in the laundry room working on getting clean, but somehow made it back to my room without ever going through the wash.  Now, I needed to get to church.  I just put on clothes… no underclothing… and went to church.  sigh.  Primary was rough.  I had this little nativity planned, but I couldn’t find my nativity costumes.  I am guessing they got “re-homed” so I had to wing it.  Not only that, the kids were very wired and although I intended the singing time to be reverent, it did not feel very reverent.  After the first hour of primary, I was done and I headed home to  move my laundry around.  I spent the rest of the day reading a few scriptures and writing some letters.  It was nearly dinner before I actually put on underclothing.

To be honest… after my day I have had to work at this gratitude list.

I am grateful no one noticed my lack of underclothing at church.  I hope it isn’t a sign that I always look saggy.  LOL.

I am grateful for clean undies!

I am grateful for some extra time to read and ponder my scriptures.

I am grateful my husband made me some tofu chocolate pudding.

I am grateful for water!  I have had so many glasses of water today.  I don’t get enough on a regular day.

I am grateful for the opportunity to see my youngest daughter dance yesterday.  She is so graceful and elegant when she dances.  I am also grateful for her best friend/fancy friend who was willing to help with the two days of dance recitals.  I couldn’t do it without him.

I am grateful that I have a few extra jobs, even if it keeps me way to busy, to help me pay for Christmas.

I am grateful for Jesus Christ in my life.  It really is Jesus that brings peace and contentment into my life.

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