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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 31

Today I had/received two gifts that were not about things… they were about giving and memories.

Today I am thankful for Lilli and her friend Ethan that gave up sleeping in to help unload the truck at McKay’s new house and who unpacked box after box at McKay’s new house. It is not often that you see a couple of teens work that hard and still be cheerful. They even did it without breakfast.

Today I am thankful for the few ward members who came to help and who brought them food too.

Today I am thankful for my husband who kept helping long after I left and then, when the day was over, went to the grocery store with me and helped to clean up the kitchen and to put away the groceries, even though we were both stinking tired.

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to take Lilli and Kimber and Ethan to see the Oregon Ballet present the Nutcracker. Lilli was so excited. She cracks me up. It was such a great memory I think we should make it a tradition. I originally wanted to make it a girl day, but McKay wasn’t up for the adventure, so since Ethan had worked so hard to help over the last two days I offered that ticket to him. It was fun! Maybe we will take him next year too!

Today I am thankful that we all traveled safely. Chad came home from Utah and just missed the snow storm that hit the mountains. The rainy weather here was dangerous for some. We passed some bad wrecks on the road today. Although I am sad for them, I am grateful that we all traveled safe.

I am looking forward for a few quiet days at home! and by quiet I mean now running around the country-side.

Ready or not, Christmas is here! Tomorrow I will switch gears and try to focus on making Christmas a Christ-centered Christmas.

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