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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 64

I am more and more grateful for the Savior, Jesus Christ everyday. I am finding that this statement by Russell M. Nelson, is true. The more I express my gratitude the more I feel the Savior’s love and the more I love Him.

Today I am grateful for small ways blessings are fulfilled. Lilli is still shaking and twitching. But I feel the Lord has blessed her with peace and with a joyful heart even though she continues to feel the effects of what is happening to her. I am grateful that she was able to have a good attitude all day, that she was brave and went to school unafraid of what others would think of her, and that she did her best to complete the finals that she had today. She even had a final in her acting class and she got up there and did her best. I am grateful that she was brave. I am grateful that God is holding her up through this.

I am also grateful for Lilli’s friends that helped her and kept her laughing.

I am grateful that my friend John Hatch stopped by rehearsal and was willing to go get food for me and for Lilli. I had not had time all day to eat. It hit the spot. Not only did he help get us food, he also stayed and helped me get the stage ready for our performance and he sold tickets. Jeff was busy this afternoon with an emergency at home and I was on my own right up curtain. It was a relief to get a helping hand.

I am grateful for the help Chad is getting in his new adventure. It looks like he will be buying a car. He is off to a rapid start with this “adulting” thing.

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