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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 65 and 66

I missed yesterday…. so much going on. Lilli’s condition is not getting better. The jerking and twitching is much more severe. At times she can’t talk or breathe well. I was able to calm it down enough for her to perform in her last two World Theatre performance… at least for some of it… with pressure points and essential oils. She couldn’t do the dancing part. Sad. She loves dancing. I am so grateful for her friend Ethan who has spent tons of time with her, helping out, keeping her company and making her laugh. Josie has been there too. Lilli really does have a couple really good friends.

I am grateful that my husband helped me at school all day. We were really in the same room, but he worked away in the shop creating a wagon/cart for Tevye while I kept things moving on stage. I couldn’t get much done without him. He can get a project done without me holding their hand. I am super grateful for that. He also went shopping for me.

I am grateful the party Kimber help for McKay went well. I all grateful for the people who came to see McKay and contribute diapers. I always worry that those kind of things won’t go well. They never do when I plan them. So I am grateful that this one went well.

I am also grateful that Kimber worked so hard to clean up the house today. She even cleaned up the nasty fish tank. I love starting the Sabbath with a clean house.

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