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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 122

Today I am grateful for time in my garden. It is looking good and almost ready for some hogs fuel and plants.

I am grateful for some time in the temple.

I am grateful for a healthy dinner out with John.

I am grateful that Lilli is safe off the freeway. She left today on a choir trip to the Seattle area. They successfully had two clinics before their bus stalled on the freeway, leaving them stranded until the other bus could drop off a load of people and return for her and the rest of the stranded bus load. Not sure what tomorrow will have, but I am grateful she is safe. I am also grateful that Ethan is her protector on this trip. She started to panic and his calm presence helped her when she couldn’t get a hold of me because I was in the temple. I am also grateful that our family friend, John Hatch is on the trip and was able to help her as well. I will just have to pray extra hard to keep them all safe on this little trip.

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