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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 123

Today I am grateful for my Chinese friends who are helping me find better health. I am also grateful for the new age music I found on Youtube that is also helping my “chill-axe”.

I am grateful for McKay coming to help me in the garden. It have been 7 years since she has been around to work in the garden. I think it was good for both of us. I am also grateful she was willing to take home the beef stew for dinner. I sure John was getting tired of it, as he was the only one willing to eat it.

I am thankful Lilli appears to be having fun on her choir trip. I got two pictures from her, plus, a couple of the adults on the trip are posting a few pictures, so I know she is still alive. I am glad she looks happy in the pictures. I worry a little about that. She is a creature of habit. Trips are not usually her thing.

I am grateful it was $4 fill up at Fro-zone today. I was able to get a sugar free treat after a hard day of working.

I am grateful I got to sit in the hot tub with Freya. She said some pretty funny things. I will blog about them on my family post. So, be looking for those great quotes.

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