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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 126

Okay… so here is a little story. So, I have been studying along with the Come Follow Me program fairly well. Today I was reading and pondering Matt. 16:13-18. These verses made me think of a talk by President Russell M. Nelson, Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Yourself… or something like that. I found the talk and read it again. One of the parts mentioned that you should pray, ask your questions, wait and listen, write down the impressions, and then act on the impressions. Also, in an effort to make my prayers more effective I got a little book and wrote down a bunch of questions. Then, after my regular thank you and please bless stuff, I stare at the questions, read them out loud and the wait some more. The first question on my list is, How can I improve my family relationships? I sat for awhile and the only thing that came into my head was, “don’t say no, when you get the answer.” I wrote it down. Weird. I finally went about my day. Late in the afternoon, I got a text from John… look at this Love language app. I rolled my eyes. Then, my answer came back into my head. I sighed and worked through getting the app and taking the little quiz. I sent John my results and looked at his results. He like quality time. The problem is we both have different definitions of quality time. But I looked at their suggested list and picked one for a weekly goal. Invite John on a short walk 2x a week. I was only going to be home 2x this week in the evening so I invited him a walk tonight… in the rain… in the dark. I had to laugh. It was news to him that I like acts of service and it’s at the bottom of his list. LOL. No wonder we rarely see eye to eye. However, I don’t think the app or the quiz is entirely accurate. On the up side, it does give one food for thought and a place to start… and it appears today’s stare-at-a-question prayer was answered. For this I am grateful.

I am also grateful I didn’t fall in the rain and the dark ion our walk. That is totally something I have been known to do.

I am grateful that things at school went well.

I am grateful that after a day of rest Lilli seems to feel a little better.

I am grateful that Kimber seems content with her day and her accomplishments for the day.

I am grateful Chad made it home from his drive to Michigan and to work and back home safely today.

I am grateful for my students I taught today and the small amount of income it gives me.

I am grateful that I got to chad with Hannah today. Come to think of it, I talked to 4 out of 5 kids today. That has got to help improve family relationships. Go me.

I am grateful for my time studying the gospel principles today.

1 thought on “Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 126”

  1. Is it any wonder that I am a n “Acts of Service” gal and that we are PB&J?

    Way to go! I will look into the app, alrhough I have read the book.😉


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