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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 130

Oh how I love this quote. It is a principle I wish I had figured out sooner in life. When my kids were little I felt stressed. Many days I choose to be unhappy. I choose to feel trapped. I missed seeing the joy of their discoveries and their learning because I was too focused on did we have enough money… the list of “wants” that never materialized… my lack of sleep… I often allowed all kinds of things to distract me from seeing how joyful it was to be a mom. Now my babies are having babies of their own… well… two out of the 5 of them. 4 out of the 5 are now dealing with the stresses of being an adult. #5 if turning 16 in a week. Where did those cute little chubby checks go? I now find myself missing the snuggles in bed, the giggles, the complete adoration that often looked at me through big brown or hazel eyes. I am grateful for all those years I home schooled my kids. I am grateful that those time gave me time to truly get to know my kids. I am grateful for the snotty noses, sassy attitudes, smiles, dances, giggles, story times, attempts at scripture study, school lessons, skinned knees, bike ride, dirty diaper, sleepless nights… and… and… and…

Wow… got all sappy, didn’t I?

Today I am grateful I sat in on a couple of great classes. I learned a few things about how to teach my subject better. I am grateful that I was inspired.

I am grateful for the entertainment of the day.

I am grateful I have the opportunity to lift others. I wish I was better at, but I believe firmly that that I can make a difference… sometime, somewhere… if I just keep trying.

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