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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 129


Today I went to day 1 of the State Thespian Conference in Salem, Oregon. I spent most of the day judging stage management. There are some super smart and composed kids out there ready to take on the theatre world. I am so grateful I get to be a part of their journey.

I am so thankful that the kids from my school represented themselves well. They did well on their performances, but more importantly, they did an awesome job at encouraging others, seeing the good in other performances, seeing the experience as a learning tool, getting along with each other, being inclusive, and keeping the joy throughout the day. They are developing into fine performers, but I am most proud of how they are developing as people. They most definitely represented the theme of the conference very well. I am excited I get to spend the next 2 days with them on this learning journey.

I am grateful that I get to share this experience with my youngest daughter. She is a dancer and mostly tolerates my theatre passion. She may never know how much I love sharing theatre with her for this short time. It is the best thing when the people I love most shows an interest in the thing I love most… and I hope they still know that the people will always come above the thing. šŸ™‚

I am grateful the kid I pretty much attacked and asked him to sing for me…. DID IT! Just picked up a piece of paper and sang what was on it…. ON THE SPOT! I sure hope that kid uses his God given talents to bless the world like he blessed my day!

I am thankful that I listened to the Spirit when I saw a woman on the street crying and I stopped. She had such a sad story. To be honest… I have no idea if any of it was true, but I know it was worth how I feel inside to have stopped to listen, to grab her hands, encourage her, and even give her $10 that I had on me. It was worth it that all this was witnessed by one of my students, who then reached into her bag and pulled out a bag of quarters and gave them to the lady. It was worth it was we walked away and discussed how it wasn’t for us to judge or to assume how she would spend the money because everyone deserves a good meal, a place to sleep and to feel important. It was worth it because, deep inside, I knew God was pleased with that choice in my day. I sure hope the lady found somewhere to be tomorrow and that she finds the help she needs.

I am thankful for the good education I saw happening from around the state. Some good entertainment too!

I am thankful for my family who held down the fort and support this passion/hobby of mine.

I super grateful that my dad is on the mend and will be heading home tomorrow after his blood clot scare yesterday. I am grateful for smart doctors who can help him. And I am grateful that both of my parents have a calm, humor filled approach to the ups and downs of life. They are clearly teaching us that living by faith and hope is real living.

How was your day? What inspired you? What are you grateful for today?

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