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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 142

I have been attempting to focus on the Savior and His last week of life all week, since we are leading up to Easter. I really wanted this Easter to be centered on the Savior and the gift of His sacrifice and resurrection. Each day we have read from the New Testament the events that may have happened on that day, read an inspirational article, and done an activity that helped us think of becoming more Christ-like. Today we will discuss the Passover. The phrase from a song, “…do not pass me by…” keeps singing in my head. I looked up what have been in a Passover meal. I served gyros (I know they are Greek, but it is something my family will eat), fresh veggies, fruits, flat bread, honey, olives, avocado, romaine lettuce, and hard boiled eggs. So, it isn’t exactly a Passover meal, but it did offer some good conversation starters.

I am thankful for the courage, the love and the wisdom Jesus possessed. Because He love me I have the opportunity to rise again. Because He loves me I can be forgiven of my sins. Because He loves me I have the opportunity to be like Him. Because He loves me my life will never be the same.

I am grateful for the sun coming out today.

I am thankful flowers, and green grass, fat bumble bees, herbs, honey, fresh water, veggies growing in the garden, Cat, family… seriously, me heart is full today.

I am grateful for the “I AM” meditations I found on Youtube and that I have been starting my day with them this week. They have really helped my focus on the positive, even with chaos all around.

I am grateful for the scriptures that teach me about Jesus.

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