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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 171

I burned my fingers on a gobo today. I am grateful that a nice girl ran to get me ice and Jeff ran to the store to get me burn ointment. Still smarts a bit. On the up side, I could commit a crime and no one would know it was me because I don’t have fingerprints on my left hand.

I am glad I am finally home. It was a long day pulling together a show from 3 different shows. Tomorrow we head to a different show. I am glad it is my school.

I am grateful that it looks like John did some laundry while I was gone all day… and I do mean all day. It was a 14 hour day.

I am grateful I got a little exercise, some scriptures and a shower in before I left for the show today. It really helped center me. I needed that today. My experiences of last week have taken the wind out of my sails. I am not finding much joy in my service or in my work with school. I worry that I won’t get it back because as soon as school is out I start CET, my summer job. At least I have a couple things that keep me grounded… like my faith and my family.

I am grateful my daughter (16) woke up enough to pat my head and say hi when I got home and that she had a good day… and found enough money for lunch because my best laid plans didn’t work out. oops… bad mom award today.

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