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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 209

Day 2 of CET… first build night… and I can hardly move. My feet, ankles and knees are killing me. I’m going to need to be wheeled out of there the last day. I am definitely too old for this kind of schedule. I leave early and I am in Salem by 7:45. I have meetings until 9. Then, I lead the rest of the team teaching kids until 12:30. Today was spent unloading my truck, little workshops in 6 little areas, and working on little projects… and stairs… lots and lots of stairs. After classes and the kids all went home I spent time reworking my plans and drawings, making a shopping list, and eating a little lunch. Then, I was off to do a few errands… stopping at school for some forgotten items, dropping the trailer (which I parked by myself), and heading to the lumber store. Then, I headed back to CET to finish a few more plans and to manage a build party. Today I bossed about 30 volunteers in multiple projects… different parts of a turntable, legging up platforms for 2 shows, some priming, cutting out some cut outs, re-purposing platforms and flats. Every show got worked on and every show is somewhere in the middle of some kind of chaos.

Today I am thankful that John came to help lay out the turn table. It allowed me to move around to other projects and not worry that it would go together poorly.

I am grateful for the poeple who come to volunteer at build nights. There are some knowledgeable people and the make the work go smoothly.

I am grateful for the TS boys assigned to tech hall. They are good workers and they always ask what more they can do to help.

I missed driving and chatting with Lilli. At least she was willing to chat with me as I drove home… and she is being helpful and staying the night at McKay’s house so that Myles can take McKay to the airport in the morning. But it does mean an other day where I don’t really get to see her.

I am grateful John went to the store for broccoli tots… just because I expressed a desire.

I am grateful Kimber was willing to keep Kirby all day and through the night and into tomorrow. At least the poor little dog won’t be stuck at home all alone.

I am grateful Lilli made me food yesterday so I could have healthy options all day.

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