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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 210

Tired… Today was an okay day. It started with CET. I didn’t get to drive with Lilli because she was at McKay’s house helping out. But I tried to help her by looking for her tap shoes and getting her a bagel and steamer. Production meeting went well and then I was off and running through classes. All three of my classes made progress on learning or set pieces. Tech all is a disaster zone… but it is a good disaster zone because everything is moving along in some state of progress. After CET I picked up Lenayah. Today we started “grandma school.” First we stopped at Kimber’s house to get Kirby. Lenayah got to play with Freya for about 20 minutes. Then we headed home. We worked on shapes and drawing straight perpendicular lines and slanted lines. Then we made “shape snakes” by putting beads on pipe cleaners. We made the “snakes” into shapes. It was fun. Then we had dinosaur snacks before going to get Ethan (since Lilli can’t drive him around yet). Lenayah got to play in the pool with Lilli and Ethan while I taught a couple lessons. Then to reinforce “lines” Lenayah stuck spaghetti into pieces of hot dog and cooked it. Guess what! straight spaghetti gets tangled when you cook it! It was a great time. I bet she sleeps well tonight!

Today I am grateful for grand kids. They can sure put a smile on your face.

I am grateful for farm bag day! I so enjoyed the veggies and berries that we got today.

I am grateful for Lilli cheerful helping when I ask her to… John too.

I am grateful for this cool, yet pleasant weather.

I am grateful for the tech staff I work with. They are good people.

I am grateful for a working truck and for safe travel. Today, while driving to CET, I was driving along and watched a small tree split in half and fall on my truck as I drove past. It was so loud when it hit the windshield and the side of my truck. But it didn’t crack the windshield and when I got to work and looked at it, there wasn’t even a scratch on the truck. Amazing.

I am also grateful for John’s safe travels. He says he is so tired and is so sleepy when he is driving. I am grateful he is some how safe on the road.

I am grateful for prayer. I had a nice chat with God this morning. It really helped to set the mood for my day. I like that.

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