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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 211

Yet another long day… I got to CET late. Traffic was awful. I completely understand. Miles and miles of logging trucks and tractors were all driving into down town Salem, protesting a bill/law that would essentially end their livelihoods. As I understand it, it is a bill that would increase gas… a lot. Such a bill wouldn’t only effect truckers and loggers. We would all suffer.

Frankly, I am grateful lumber is available. My house is made of lumber. My job centers around lumber. My groceries arrive in my little town on trucks. I am grateful for my garden, but I am also grateful that my family doesn’t have to survive on what my garden grows. I am grateful for grocery stores. I am grateful for trucks that bring me Amazon things. I am grateful for the large vehicle I drive so I can do my job. I am also grateful for the beautiful earth God has provided. I am sad that so many can not agree how to respect this beautiful gift. Only God has the answer to how to save this planet and still provide for the present.

It rained all day. I love the rain. I am grateful for the moisture and that it keeps the heat down. I am grateful it allows me to not water the yard today.

I am grateful it wasn’t too wet during the set work party. Most of the building takes place out side. I am so glad. We were able to get lots done. I am super grateful for the parents and volunteers who come and help. Many of them are super skilled, and probably way smarter than I am, but they work hard and do their best to follow my lead. That is pretty cool.

I am grateful for my tech staff. Dani is my best listener and whether she intends to be or not, my best cheer leader. She has great idea. When I finally retire from CET she will be great at stepping into my shoes. Katie is awesome too. I know I am terrible at describing exactly what I want the paint to look like… especially since she is a real artist and art teacher, but she takes my lead and makes everything look great! And then there are the boys. These boys are the best. They work hard. They take my crap. They are great with kids. Really. WE all couldn’t survive without them.

I am grateful I had the courage to take 90 minutes for myself today and get a massage and acupressure. I dropped a platform on my foot today and my knees are killing me. I really needed the help to feel better… at least for 90 minutes.

I am grateful that I came home at 10pm to discover that John, Lilli, and Ethan had cleaned the kitchen and the family room. I really can’t express how grateful I am for that!

I am super grateful my friend Jeff called to check on me. I really miss working with him everyday. I really needed that 30 minute chat.

I am grateful Kimber is willing to take Kirby every day. Poor little thing has been so lonely since Charlie died. With Lilli and I gone so much, it is nice that he has a fun place to go.

Finally, I am SUPER GRATEFUL THAT THERE IS ONE MORE SLEEP UNTIL HANNAH IS HOME. Lilli and I will leave CET a bit early and we will all drive to Portland to pick her up at the airport. We have all missed her like crazy. I am grateful she has had a great mission. I am thankful for the confidence and the faith she has gained through this experience. I am thankful that God kept her safe.

I am thankful I can now go to bed!

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