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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 212

The started rough, even though today was a super exciting day. I dropped a platform on my foot yesterday , so it is pretty sore. And my left knee has been giving grief. I have a hard time sleeping too. To top off waking up tired and sore, my C-PAP broke just as I was trying to take it off my face.

But I got up and got dressed. I anticipated a great day. Today was going to be a short CET day. Lilli and I planned to leave early to drive to the airport with the rest of the family to pick up Hannah. Today she returns from her mission to the Arkansas area.

Today I am grateful for a great missionary returning with honor. I grateful that she is so well loved by so many people. I am grateful that we got to spend time with family and friends today. I am grateful that my children are all such good friends.

I am grateful that my co-works took over for the last part of the day so I could leave and things could still get done.

I am grateful that we have had a great time giggling with Hannah. She even jumped into the swimming pool in her dress because someone dared her too.

I am grateful we drove home safely despite the traffic being a stand still on I-5. It took nearly 3 hours to get back from the airport.

I am grateful for my garden. When it got overwhelming and loud I wandered out to the garden to discover many ripe raspberries, snow peas, string beans and strawberries.

I am grateful for a moment to blog, and in a minute, spend some time with my scriptures.

I am grateful I found an extra C-PAP mask… okay, so it’s an old one. But it will do until I can order an other one and it can get here. It least I will be able to sleep tonight.

I am thankful for my testimony that Jesus is the Christ. I am grateful for the feelings and beliefs that grow stronger and stronger everyday. I am thankful for opportunities to stare those feeling with my family. I hope my grand daughter’s desire to write in my scripture is inspired by my taking notes in my scriptures… I will be making a note in my scriptures that the random scribble is a message from Lenayah, age 4.

Now I will spend a few minutes contemplating the messages of the scriptures and then it the sack. It’s the weekend, but it is filled to the top. I need some rest to make it through the weekend!

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