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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 213

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I was awake around 3:30am. I finally gave up trying to sleep around 5:45 and just got up. I spent some time reading Come Follow Me stuff and reading a few blogs. I wrote some cool things in my scriptures. I am grateful for the time I took to study my scriptures this morning and the insights I gained.

I was out the door and to the chiropractor before 8:00 am. I sure like the ladies I meet down there every Saturday and I appreciate Dr. Marc moving my feet around. I love serving them and chatting with them. I am grateful foe their friendship.

Then, I headed out to Pentacle Theater to meet Jeff. We needed some cardboard for the float we were going to build. It wouldn’t fit in Jeff’s car, so away I went. I am grateful they were willing to help us since we can’t order any for Central until August when the school year begins again.

A few students met us at the school to build a float for the parade in a few days. We legged up a few platforms and painted them to match our theme. On Wednesday we will put it all on a trailer, decorate it, and put a few finishing touches on it. Lilli is one of the Thespian co-chairs. It is nice to support her and her friends as they try their best to make a positive difference in our community. I did most of the painting, but I am grateful for Jeff, Lilli, Ethan, Natalie, Brody, and Kalel who came to help. It was would have been a huge bummer to have done the whole thing on my own.

Then I was off to find Dani to get paint sample. I needed them so I could get paint for CET before Monday. I am thankful she brought them home from CET. They were wet when I left CET yesterday.

Then I got the strong impression that I needed to go get Lilli and buy a car. This week everyone needs to go to work in different towns and we all have different schedules. We needed an other car. I had saved up some money to help Hannah get a car. I just hadn’t had the time to seriously look for it. Lilli and Ethan came with me and we took off looking at used cars around town. We went to some pretty sketchy places. It just didn’t feel right. Finally, I said one more place, and if I didn’t get a car, I’d take them home. We drove to Dallas. I hopped out and walked through the lot. A guy came over to talk to me. I pointed to some unmarked cars and ask if they were sell. They were, they just had not been detailed yet. I spotted a blue/green Subaru and asked if it was for sale. They said it would be after they replaced all the chairs because it was pretty nasty. I walked over to the car. They weren’t wrong. It was gross, but I felt like I needed to drive it. The guy was surprised when I asked what they planned to sell it for. $4,800… a little over my cash budget. I hopped in and took it for a spin, stuck my hand in the engine and up the tail pipe, and crawled under the car. I said a quick prayer and felt I should buy, so I called John who was on the way to the temple with Hannah. They were surprised I was buying a car. I got back to the dealer and got my money out of the truck. Lilli and Ethan were surprised I was buying a car too. I asked if they would sell it to me “as is” for $3000. They agreed. Bam! I am the owner of a new-to-me-car for Hannah to drive. I plopped down my cash in $20s and 10s and we drove home. I am grateful I got a good car for the price I needed. I am grateful I saved the cash for the past year so we do not have more debt. I am grateful that the dealer was able to help me with DMV stuff, so now I am just a car owner. I am thankful that Lilli came to drive a car home. It would have been a challenge to get two cars home with one driver.

After I dropped off Ethan I went back to the store. I still needed paint. The Walmart guy helping me shuffled along with his oxygen tank. I am grateful I caught that the little old man didn’t get the lid on the paint before he put it in the paint shaker. He wasn’t able to match my paint, but I got some other paint I needed, and Hannah will go paint shopping for me on Monday. I was also able to pick up dinner for the family dinner tomorrow and a few other groceries, and some stuff to clean the car.

Then, I headed home again. I got the vacuum out and started cleaning. I am thankful I was able to get most of the nastiness out. The car looks pretty good. John and Hannah got home just as it was getting dark. I took the car to the car wash and washed the outside. I am grateful it all worked out!

I am grateful that we got family scripture and prayer in today. I am thankful that I got a little time to write my blog. I am thankful for the little chat I had with my neighbor today. I am thankful for beautiful weather. I am thankful that John doing laundry today… he even put it away. I am thankful for a productive day, despite the lack of sleep I am suffering. I sure hope I can sleep tonight. I am hopeful that I will be comfortable and not ache.

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