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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 216

Man. These CET days are long. I left the house at 7:20 and now it’s 10:00pm and I am just getting home. My legs ACHE! I am so THANKFUL for the Tylenol and Ibuprofen cocktail I can now take.

Today I study about agency. It was a great reminder that agency is a huge part of The Plan. I am grateful we have all been given the gift to choose for ourselves what we will do and how we feel about our experiences in this life.

I am grateful I traveled to work safely.

I am grateful for the overcast day. An overcast day means South Salem High School doesn’t get too hot to handle.

I am thankful for the progress we made on set and prop pieces during the class times at CET.

I am thankul I had the energy to make healthy food yesterday so I could eat it today… although I am disappointed that I didn’t have time to eat my salad.

I am thankful for the bank people who helped us set up Lillian’s first bank account today. She is on her way to practice adulting. I hope we can teach her to financially savy.

I am thankful that Lilli went to the hardware store with me and helped me gather stuff. I was running late and I would not have made it out the door on time without her help.

I am thankful for the parents and the staff who helped today on the sets and props at the work party. We are making good progress. I sure hope I meet all my deadlines.

I am grateful for the chance to sing a little today. Hannah forgot her rehearsal time for an up coming performance, so I walked in and at least gave the pianist an idea of the tempo. We sang through it once and he turned to me and said, “Girl, I forgot you got pipes!” tee hee hee. Maybe, when I can slow down with all this work stuff, and if I am not bed -ridden, I will have the chance to do a show as a performer… just once… just for fun. I’d kill it as the Mama Bear/Shrek’s mom/dragon lady. Well… at least I think I would.

Now I am thankful I can lay down for a spell. I sure hope I can actually rest. The aching is bad today.

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