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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 226

I am grateful I got a few hours to be normal today.

I went to CET in the morning, but I got to leave at 12:30. McKay and Hannah dropped off Lenayah and Beckett. Before heading home for “grandma school,” we stopped somewhere to pick up some free jars. Bonus: some free sewing stuff.

Then, we stopped at the fruit stand for “fruit stand Friday” where we enjoyed ice cream and fresh fruit. I was excited and thankful to see fresh early peaches! Lenayah and Beckett ate their ice cream and shared my berries. Beckett seems to really like raspberries. Smart kid.

Then, we continued down the road and stopped to pick up Ethan. Once we got home, Lenayah and I did “grandma school.” Today we talked about the number 1 and 2. we counted all the important thing… sisters, brothers, grandmas, pappas, cats, dogs, and the like. We practiced coloring to get better control of a pencil. Beckett joined us. It was awesome. I am thankful for grand kids who like to play with me. They also ate the lunches their mom brought them while I ate left over veggies. Thankful for left overs!

Finally, Ethan and Lilli helped us get to the pool. It was my first time in the pool. At first the ladder scared the crap out of me. Next, the coolness of the water was shocking. But I eventually settled in and we played for a couple hours in the pool. I am thankful those funny teens helped out. Today, Lenayah and I worked on swimming skills. She can now successfully float on her back and is comfortable blowing bubbles in the water. Beckett is still working on it. We also had a great water fight.

Eventually, the little blondies were ready to get out. I am thankful Lilli was willing to help them get out, and dressed, and settled down with a movie. That left me with a few minutes to relax and float in the pool. I figured out how to use Lilli’s pool hammock and floated in the sun, listened to the birds and the bees and the baseball game across the street, and relaxed. It was awesome. Myles came to get them right after I got out of the shower.

When John got home he took me to a great movie, Yesterday. Everybody should see it. I loved that! Now he is making me a homemade veggie pizza.

It was so nice to just do normal people things… to relax… to do anything that wasn’t work, work, work.

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