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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 227

Today I am grateful for God’s protection. I was driving up the freeway to meet my mom and my sisters for see a musical. I was in the fast lane when I noticed the cars in front of me begin to brake. I instantly tried to slow down myself. cars in front of me came to a dead stop. scattering from the lanes they were traveling in, trying to avoid each other. A car, 4 cars in front of me, hit it’s breaks so hard smoke was rising off the pavement. several cars hit each other… in front and behind me. I just kept saying, over and over, “don’t hit me, don’t hit me, don’t hit me.” People who made it to the shoulder of the freeway began to get out of their cars and yell at each other as the traffic, still in some lanes, began to crawl forward. It’s hard to believe I wasn’t hit nor hit anyone else. Definitely a blessing from God.

I am grateful that I got to see a fun show with my mom, two sisters, and two nieces. I have seen Wicked before. This production was slightly different, but I enjoyed it. The actress playing Glinda was fabulous!

I am grateful I got to listen to Hannah perform in a concert celebrating shows at Pentacle Theatre. It’s hard to believe someone with that kind of talent came from my gene pool. It was also good to see a couple people I truly appreciate from the short time I spent at Pentacle. And, my friend Jeff was honored as Lifetime member for his service and contributions to the theatre. My friend Deborah also got that award. I can think of no one as deserving as these two people. They are remarkable talents and kind hearts.

I am thankful for some time today to read and ponder my scriptures. I do love the Lord and do wish I was a better example of the believers. It grieves me that I fall short everyday.

I am grateful that Lilli was willing to help with the groceries and a few chores at home while I was busy doing other things today.

I am thankful for a day that wasn’t the usual stressful.

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