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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 232

Holy Cow! Long day!

Today I am grateful for my “can do” attitude. Most of the time is gets me in trouble. It could have this morning. However, I was able to muscle a wooden cart down several flights of stairs over my back. I needed it for CET and I didn’t think Lilli was getting up, so I put the old “can-do” into play. When I got to the truck, Lilli was there. She made it there just a few minutes after I walked in, but I didn’t have my phone and didn’t know she was there. I am grateful she helped me to get it the truck.

I am grateful that the kids I worked with were such hard workers today. We got so much done!

I am grateful I have a truck. The moving commitee showed up to move the Park Play to the park but did not have car that could haul the stuff. I am grateful I was able to run and get my keys and make it happen… and that Jay (who drove it to the park) didn’t wreck it. It was used later in the day to haul flats made into billboards to the park. I am thankful Dani let me use her car while she used my truck so I could get to an appointment.

I am grateful that I have a skilled student in lighting. I got him started and he as done the rest of the cues for the main stage musical. It’s awesome. The first time in a couple year (since Elizabeth left us) that haven’t really had to do lights.

I am grateful for the parents who came to help start our clean up process. It takes awhile to clean up this little operation.

I am thankful Hannah and Lilli helped me take stuff to my truck tonight.

I am thankful for Lenayah. She is our miracle grand daughter. She is now 5. Her start in life was rough. But God sent angel and allowed her to thrive when her first few minutes of life looked like it would all be cut short. I will never forget that day. I am eternally thankful that we get to giggle with her now.

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