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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 231

I never seem to have adequate words for my gratitude for the Savior, Jesus Christ. No amount of “thank you” could ever be enough to express the deep feelings that are in my heart.

I am grateful for cool-ish weather… making my long week at CET bearable.

I am grateful that John finished the dishes I started and went out and got the farm bag for me. CET and my regular schedule of voice students are keeping me hopping! It’s nice that he is willing to help me pick up the slack.

I am grateful I got to ride to CET with Lilli today. I have a great time chatting with her on the drive to and from work. I am also grateful I got a chance to chat with Hannah today as she told me about her day and her thrift store finds.

I am grateful that Kimber helps us with Kirby dog. I am so glad he has somewhere to go while we are all at work.

I am thankful for veggies. I made roasted purple cabbage and fresh green beans for dinner. So yummy!

I am thankful for bed time!!!

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