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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 234

Well… I didn’t exactly get what I hoped to get done today done. However, I was successful in getting meals for the week ready to go. It is going to be a long week and I need to be sure I am fueling myself with healthy things and not caving to unhealthy things just because they are convenient.

I am grateful that John and Lill came home and helped me wrap up my projects with the meals.

I am thankful I got my scripture study in today.

I am thankful I got a small chat with my friend Sheri. I sure love that lady!

I am thankful for an air conditioner. I can’t do hot. I get to nauseated and my heart races when I get too hot. I am so grateful we have things to help me stay cool and comfortable.

I am grateful for a cleaned off desk! and room to work.

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