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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 237

Thank You Friends Quote Thanks Friends For Friendship Day 2016 Best Wishes Messages Quotes Sms – Daily Quotes Of the Life


This week would be hard without my friends… like Deborah who smiles at me and commiserates with me over my aches and pains. She has no idea how much I value her friendship… My friend Katie who carried things for me today because my hand heart and who is an amazing artist… my friend Jeff who calls me and checks in with me regularly and will even interrupt his day to bring me random things… and my friend Dani who is my right had throughout the CET season. I would have quit a long time ago, but I love working with her… and my husband who really is my best friend and makes food and does laundry and brings me drinks of water when I am too tired to get out of my chair… and my kids who brighten my day with conversation and funny antics.

I have other great friends, like Jo that I miss so much that it hurts some days and even a couple former students like Riley and Haylee.

The Lord has blessed me with awesome people in my life.

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