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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 238

Working on this one…

Today I am grateful that I got to talk to my friend Jo on the drive to work.

I am grateful for the CET who went above and beyond and stayed all afternoon to help with my lighting issues. I wasn’t feeling good and I really needed the help. In fact, I was just the brains and he did all the work as I laid on the floor feeling like crap.

I am thankful Jeff set up some stuff for me at Central since I couldn’t get to it due to CET schedule conflicts.

I am thankful that Lilli got some friends together to load up my truck with stuff and then met me at Central to load it back into the school late in the evening so I was ready for the next strike… tomorrow.

I am thankful that John helped to. Plus, he helped Hannah move her bed and hang new blinds.

I am grateful I remembered to water bottles today. It was very hot. It is most likely what contributed to my feeling yucky.

I am grateful for a a chance to relax for a minute and to get ready for bed. The stress of these CET days is getting super hard.

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