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Developing and Attitude of Gratitude – Day 239

Made it home…

Grateful I got too more strikes done today. Only two more left… tomorrow and Saturday.

Grateful I got my Tech video done for FAN. It’s not great, but it’s better than nothing. Sure hope the link works.

I am grateful that Kimber, Ben, Freya, Ethan, Lilli, John and Hannah came to see Frozen with me tonight. Best part? Freya came dressed as Elsa and was so excited with every scene, and when the ice castle was revealed, Ben said, “Wow. Just WOW.” He had to go up on the set and see how I did everything. That was fun.

I am thankful that Dani, Josh, Kevin, Mason, Quinn and 2 parents helped with the afternoon strikes. Only one parent came to move and strike the library set and props and aboard member and her two friend (not related to CET) helped to strike the travel show set and props. I am so grateful they helped, but I am sad not many parents are volunteering this season. Sure puts a stress on the rest of us.

I am grateful for healthy food options today.

I am grateful for my air conditioner. It is too hot!!!

I am grateful John came to the high school to help me unload yet another load of borrowed things from Central. I am also grateful that he is taking a day off tomorrow to help me get ready for strike and to get the washing machine fixed.

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