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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 236

Thank goodness for small things! Today, the big things were overwhelming.

I am thankful for the drive to work with Lilli. We don’t get to drive together everyday, so it is nice when we can.

The first thing I learned at work was that one of my helpers would be gone today and tomorrow. I am grateful that an other helper stepped up and is covering the extra responsibilities.

There was some confusion surrounding who was going to set up some equipment for the second “show” of the day. I am thankful a couple of my co-workers and helpers picked up the slack and set it up. I am also grateful for an amazing student, who when sound issues started for “show” number one, jumped into action and helped me solve it. This kid is amazing. He even showed me a cool app for my iPad that can run my light board. So cool.

I am grateful for the board member responsible for committees who has worked overtime getting extra help with moving sets and and manning rehearsals.

I am grateful that Lilli was willing to ride in the back of the truck with a puppet. I was not aware that I needed to move it… but then it was my emergency. Lilli stepped up and helped.

I am grateful that John got on a phone call with a guy trying to collect money who really didn’t speak English. I was very frustrated. People really should hire people who are truly fluent in the language they are attempting to do business in.

I am grateful for a co-worker who was able to help out when I needed to be in more places than physically possible.

I am grateful I was only a few blocks away when I got called back to the school to put a bar in the door back. I didn’t take it out, but apparently, no one else knows how to put it back.

I am thankful that I had prepped food on Saturday. It made making dinner tonight so much easier when I was so tired.

I am thankful that I will get paid for my CET work at the end of the week so we can pay for the washing machine to be repaired on Friday. Otherwise, a $240 fix would have really bit hard.

I am thankful for a few minutes to decompress and get some scriptures and journaling in before bed.

See. It’s the small things that make some overwhelming day bearable. Thank you Lord!

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