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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 259

Man… that Buddha was a smart guy.

Today I am thankful for the small amount of work I got done on my lesson plans.

Today I am grateful for the work John and I got done on the “office” space. We still have a ways to go, but I LOVED hearing my wind chimes outside the window as we worked. I am grateful for all of those melodious wind chimes. It is very Zen. I am so looking forward to having a work space that is full of those beautiful sounds.

Today I am grateful for Ethan, Lilli, and John helping to clean stuff out of the attic. Tomorrow Lilli is having a garage sale. I am hoping that she makes a little spending money for school supplies.

Today I am grateful for good food, pleasant weather, and a day that was relatively stress free.

Today I am grateful that Chad made his sells goals and has officially made enough money to live on for his school year.

Today I am grateful that McKay is on the mend after her fall down the stairs and that Hannah has been able to help her.

Today I am grateful that Kimber was willing to donate some stuff to Lilli’s garage sale.

Today I am grateful for Jesus. He just makes it all worth while.

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