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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 281

I am grateful that I kept my cool when a person I met at the district new hire training sat in my classroom today.

I am grateful that Jeff and made it through rehearsal today. They were SO CHATTY!

I am grateful that John helped me get corn on for dinner.

I am grateful that today is farm bag day!

I am grateful for a couple hours of down time!

I am grateful that Kimber helps with Kirby and that we had a nice chat when I picked up the dog.

I am grateful that I got to chat with McKay today. I wish I wasn’t as busy. All kinds of things are happening there… Lenayah had a great day at her first day of school… Lenayah got strep throat… McKay’s foot is slowly healing… Myles applied for a new job… Beckett is beginning to use the potty…and lots more! That girl has got things coming and coming and coming.

I am grateful that Lilli seems to be doing well at school and seems to be happy.

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