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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 289

I have truly learned the truth of this statement over the course of this past year. An attitude of gratitude is truly a gift.

Today I am grateful that my classes went well.

I am grateful for the progress the cast did in our rehearsal today. The musical is coming along nicely. I am super proud of them.

I am grateful that John went and got the stuff we needed to finish our office space. I am so excited to see this project completed!

I am grateful that I have a good relationship with my kids. I even love it when Lilli sits on my lap. It’s nice to know she still needs me.

I am grateful for a good washer and dryer. I sure love the smell of clean laundry.

I am grateful John unloaded the dish washer this morning so I could load. I really can’t explain it, but unloading is not my thing. I’d much rather load the dish washer. Thus, I am so grateful he was willing to unload.

I am grateful that Kimber is so willing to help out with Kirby. Today was a long day with my teaching day, rehearsal and then Open House at school. It was a long day. I am so glad Kirby has somewhere to go that he likes when we aren’t home all day.

I am grateful that I have been successful in all my goals the last couple of days. I am especially grateful for the time I giving myself to study the scriptures. Now that is a gift!

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