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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 291

I had plenty to stress about today… but counting blessings kept me in check.

I am thankful that my principle did a few dance moves with me in the hall while we were bouncers at the school dance.

I am thankful for the Thespians that came to help clean up. They were few in number, but they are such good workers that the custodians were impressed that we got the cafeteria back together in 15 minutes.

I am thankful that Jeff bought me veggies for lunch and Lilli brought me a veggie burger for dinner.

I am grateful that I got my grades done while I waited for the dance.

I am grateful that while I was at school until 11:30 pm, John was home cleaning the kitchen, getting jars together for canning, and putting some of the office furniture together. We will be moving into the office sooner than later.

I am grateful that Lilli did well helping me today.

I am grateful that I had a good time this morning reading Conference Talks for my scripture study. I am so excited to watch General Conference soon!

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