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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 292

I am grateful I gathered the energy to go for my mosey… even if no one else was available to mosey with me.

I am grateful that my classes went well today, even with the unplanned fire drill… a fog machine or something? Not sure. I am grateful I wasn’t responsible. 🙂

I am grateful John was willing and able to help Chad with homework.

I am grateful for my scripture study time.

I am grateful for fall…. it really is my favorite weather.

I am grateful bathrooms. As a teacher you don’t get very many opportunities to use the restroom but I am sure grateful for one when the time is made available!

I am grateful for our cat, Cat. I love that she sits on my hip and purrs while pet her.

I am grateful for the wonders of nature. I loved the breeze as I moseyed along this evening… and the fall smells in the air… and the crunch of leaves and acorns under my feet. It’s awesome!

I am grateful for inspiration. I sure hope I always recognize the promptings of the Spirit and that I have the courage to follow through!

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