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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 296

Good day… still so much to do. However, the body and the mind are done. This cold is still affecting my energy level. I will go in early tomorrow and finishing hanging and dressing lights and start a few light cues before class and my meetings. Then I will stay late after rehearsal and program more lights. Friday, I will paint the stage after rehearsal and then head home for some family time. If my cues aren’t done, I’ll head back and program more. Saturday is going to be a busy day with adding projections, lighting, a few mics, set changes, and a sound track through the systems.

Today I am grateful for Ethan and Lilli staying to help me hang lights. We really did get pretty far. I just need to plug in 7 more lights and tape all the cords down… and then make sure they are focused where I want them. I wouldn’t have gotten that far without them.

I am thankful that Lilli ran around getting me food today.

I am thankful that Kimber cares for the dog every day and even brought him to me today.

I am thankful that Ray helped out with to different car problems in the last couple of days.

I am thankful for John running to IKEA. The office is coming along. Maybe we will all moved into it by the end October.

I am thankful that Hannah went and got the farm bag.

I am thankful that we all have good jobs.

I am thankful for water… especially this week. I am not getting enough and a good drink of water is so nice when I get the chance to have some.

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