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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 298

I have always been inspire by Anne Frank. Such an amazing young woman with a gratitude filled life, dispute the obstacles she faced.

Today I am grateful that, although I couldn’t break away from my crazy busy schedule to run to Portland to visit my bestie, I did get to have a fun video chat with her. I sure miss her.

I am grateful for the few moments I got to listen to General Conference today. I really wanted to listen to more, but today was tech for the musical at school.

I am grateful that I was able to get 140 cues done yesterday so that I could be ready for today… even if I got done at 3 in the morning (thus I didn’t blog yesterday).

I am grateful that we got through our tech without too many issues… okay… there were a few problems. The projections worked down on the floor but stopped working when we got up to the booth… the head sets stopped working and I had to stop to fix it…. the sound track wouldn’t load on to the iPad… I have nearly all new tech kids which is a big learning curve… still… the kids were great. The actors were patient. The directors stayed in a decent mood. The lights and set changes are on their way to understanding their cues and will be a solid force.

I am grateful that the office is coming closer to completion. Today John moved the computer. He is using part of my desk as a night stand. We also have some shelf space issues. It will be a few more days before we can move all the way in.

I am grateful that my friend Dani brought me some chai tea today. I am also thankful that I have the opportunity to help her out too. I was able to let her borrow my truck so that she could get a set piece up to her high school.

I am grateful my husband was willing to go to the grocery store for me. I was too tired since I got home at 3 am and couldn’t fall asleep until 4 am and then was up at 7 to start in on the day’s tasks.

I am grateful that I have a day tomorrow to concentrate on the lessons and word the Lord’s prophet will share with us. I am so looking forward to it.

I am grateful fall weather. It makes me happy. Crisp air. Occasional rain storms. Turning leaves. The smell of fireplaces in use in the air. It’s awesome!!!

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