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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude -Day 302

It is cold! Tonight we all went out to watch Lilli play Powder Puff football. She is sad that the “coaches” didn’t really play her. But we had fun cheering her on, even in the chilly fall air. I am grateful for family moments like that.

I am grateful John stopping at home and getting me coat for the game!

I am grateful for our friend Emma who has volunteered to run the sound track for our show.

I am grateful for one of the shop teachers who helped me with a few questions and concerns.

I am grateful the laughs Jeff gave me at school today. Such a ridiculous outfit!

I am grateful for how my daughters who are mom are marching forward, even on hard days. They are great moms.

I am grateful for how helpful Hannah and Lilli are with all the little people.

I am grateful for ramen. I know it isn’t a good meal, but we had it at home and it was easy to make.

Did I mention that I love my new office! I am thankful that John did so much work on it. He’s a good egg.

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