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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 315

Today I am grateful that a couple people helped me solve my problems with my electronic grade book. After the last update, on Friday, everything was all screwy. I started walking around looking for anyone that could help me. I finally found Jill who noticed something I couldn’t easily access, and made a phone call. Problem? I had not clicked a box… a box I had no idea needed to be clicked. Silly. At least it is now working and my grades are more accurate as I head into mid-term grade reports and parent/teacher conferences.

I am grateful that I didn’t really need to make dinner because I have so many left-overs in the fridge.

I am grateful that John was able to work from home so that he could meet with the plumber. He discovered a leak under the house, under the kitchen sink.

I am grateful a few extra hours at work to help pay for the plumber bills. Today I was called in to help sub for the beginning of the day for an English class. It was fun to see that I really do know a ton of kids in the school and fun to see them in a different environment.

I am grateful for my classes making progress. My World Theatre classes successful learned the short African dance and we are no moving on to Indian Dance. Bollywood, here we come.

I am grateful that I had a little time after school to review Bollywood dance moves before I begin teaching them tomorrow. I also looked ahead to next week. If all goes well, I will be moving on to Hula. I am enjoying teaching how the body assists an actor in his efforts to tell a story. I sure hope they are enjoying it too.

I am grateful that John did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen… and Lilli cleaned her room. That’s cray.

I am grateful that Riley came over to say hi. I miss that girl.

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