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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 316

How different would the world be if everyone walked around more grateful? It would be a virtual Garden of Eden.

I am grateful that I got tons of work done on my grades today. I still have a little way to go, but I am making headway.

We had our first show of the week. We had to send a crew member home because of illness. I am grateful that Jeff was willing to run the light board. I have many other things I am doing (balancing sound over the headset, instructing kids, taking notes) that it would have been doable, but difficult for me to do that too.

I am grateful for many of the kids I teach. They are good kids. They are learning. Someday they will make amazing contributing adults in our community.

I am thankful John who supports this theatre adventure of mine.

I am grateful for the lady who came into find me today to tell me how good she thought Lilli was in the play and that she wanted to help Lilli find scholarships.

I am grateful for the soups I made over the weekend. I actually got to eat real food today, even when I never got to leave the building for 12 hours.

I am grateful for the quiet moments I had to contemplate spiritual things.

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