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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 317

I am grateful that the only damage I got when that drill broke loose was a goose egg, a pretty solid headache, bent glasses, and a bruised cheek.

I am grateful that I was able to bend my glasses again with a pair of pliers so I can use them again.

I am grateful the kids did a great job at the show today. We were judged again (hoping to take the show to state in April) and the superintendent and the principle was in attendance. That makes a good show even better.

I am grateful that my friend Josh came to record the show. I hope that recording goes well. We need a good copy for the judges that aren’t able to come in person.

I am grateful for a successful experience today with a struggling student.

I am grateful for the advice I got from my friends in the office.

I am grateful that Hannah was able to go help out McKay quickly today after McKay rolled her ankle on her walk.

I am grateful the Spirit as I read and studied the gospel this morning. God is good.

I am grateful that God answered my panicked and desperate prayer this evening. My sound board operator booted up the sound board wrong and erased it. There was no time to redo it all. It was a miracle I got it running. Serious answer to prayer.

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