Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 337


I also survived my first official observation. I have never had someone watch my teach in a public school setting. I won’t know how I did until tomorrow. That’s when I meet the principle and she let’s me know if I can keep doing what I am doing. Fingers crossed.

I am grateful for the start of a new project. Today was the dance auditions for Thoroughly Modern Millie. Tomorrow we do singing auditions. I love the show. It makes me laugh. Jeff said we could do it because he wants to keep me happy, I think. I’ve wanted to do it for years. He kept resisting. Now we get to and I am super excited.

I am grateful we had left overs in the fridge. I wasn’t feeling making dinner, but I was hungry since all I ate today was a hard boiled egg this morning and a granola bar at lunch. Left over sup hit the spot.

I m grateful for a couple students. I have a few students who are always happy to see me. I love those guys. It’s nice to know that I am reaching at least one student.

I am grateful good friends and co-workers.

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