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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 359

Yesterday I popped into the school to finish talking to my daughter’s teachers and to set up stuff for an event that happens Wednesday. Then I came home a goofed around for a bit before John took me for mani pedis for my birthday. When I hear mani pedis for two, I usually think of the walls lined with chairs. But John choose a lady with one of everything and we would be taking turns. Due to reconstruction in the salon we didn’t even get to sit near enough to chat. But he did say to the lady to give me the works. So I got gel nails. They are longer than I am used to so I am learning how to do a few things. Lol. but my hands and toes feel pretty. I am grateful for feeling spoiled.

I am grateful John went to the store for the shopping.

I am grateful John also worked on getting the cars ready for our up coming road trip.

I am gratefully that I got some down time to sit and watch a movie.

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