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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 406

Today in my scripture study… I pondered how important is was for Nephi and his brothers to get the records of their forefathers, how important it was for them to remember how God had blessed family members and to remember their own relationships with their ancestors. I pondered the question, why is it that in my culture children leave their families and have even begun to disrespect their elders. Why do so many disconnect from their families while in other cultures many generation live and work together in family units, making family so much more important? Reading about all the things Nephi and his brothers went through to know and learn from their forefathers makes it seem even more important to me that I work harder a preserving, learning from and connecting to my forefathers and family members. What can I do to strengthen those family connections. I am thankful for my grand parents. I am thankful for my parents who pioneered the gospel in many respects. I am thankful for my siblings who keep me on my toes and add the good spices in life. I am thankful for my husband who is often teaches me patience and forgiveness. I am thankful for my kids who are the source of much joy. And I am thankful for my grand kids who add joy and life on my tired days.

I am grateful that we had a few short months with Hannah around before she moved away. She moved to Utah this morning at 5 in the morning. It is down to Lilli and her parents. Poor girl. As a teen, parents aren’t cool and now she doesn’t have a sister to hang with…

Today was tech for 2 small shows. Our production class opens and closes their one act and a few show case pieces, and my world theatre class opens their performance this week. Both are very rough. However, I feel successful. All of the Latino students came to tech! This is success. These are students who were not convinced that theatre was their thing. but they are coming. They are trying. They are learning and growing and it warms my heart. Not only that, but around half of them stayed and played loud Mexican music and danced around while I worked for about 2 hours after rehearsal was done. One girl, who will only whisper in class, came out of her shell today. She talked normal. She took charge back stage and bossed people. It’s been a whole semester of whispering and now she talks! A win! I am so thankful. Even if these performance are not award winning performances, these kids are stars. They have challenged themselves. They have tried and learned new skills. They are amazing and I am thankful.

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