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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 7

Today was a fine day.

Today I am grateful for a visit from Jacob. I sure love that kid. It was good to see him and to hear his stories and to see the joy he brings my girls. I love that he comes to see us because we are all like family. I love that he wants to help us a bit. He will come back at the end of December and the first part of January to help us with some electrical work for the spa/pool coming in January.

Today I am grateful for turkey dumpling soup… and sugar free pumpkin pie.

Today I am grateful that the girls are helping to decorate for Christmas.

Today I am thankful for time I got to spend studying my scriptures. I lost track of time as I studied faith – mostly in Ether 12.

Today I am grateful for how hard John works. Today he started digging out the dirt we need to move to lay the crushed rock foundation for the were the pool will be. He works really hard around the house and your yard. Mostly, his hard work is because he really wants me to love the yard… which I do. And… he wants me to be happy. I am thankful for that.

Today I am thankful for sweat shirts. I know that sounds a little weird to say, but I love to cozy up in a sweat shirt and it’s finally sweat shirt weather!

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