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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 92

So much to be thankful for…

Today I am thankful that I that I woke up in time for a shower before an early morning meeting. I didn’t sleep well last night so I am glad that I had the energy to wake up and get moving.

Today I am thankful that when the power went off at school and left me in complete darkness (nor even an exit sign) I was able to find my phone, my radio and run down to the fire doors that were crashing shut and that I was able to find the strength to jerk the Little Giant ladder that was being crushed by the door out from under the door. I am also grateful that although the ladder has a dent, it will still work as a ladder and the fire doors still work. I am thankful I was able to find my classroom “go bag” and the first aid bag that I am assigned to carry down to the football field… and that I made it down there before everyone was released off the field. I am also thankful that Jeff offered to carry that heavy bag back up to the auditorium for me. And I finally, I am super grateful that the black out and the power surge did not fry my lightboard computer and my sound board computers. Our recording window is a short one and I did not have time to reprogram stuff today.

Today I am grateful that I only had 1 class to worry about and so my teaching day wasn’t really disrupted by the blackout.

Today I am grateful for great tech kids who step up and try hard, even if filming is a ton more boring than live for most of the tech crew. Many of them are done jobs they have never tried before and are killing it!

Today I am thankful for the video kid who is giving up his time to help with this progrect.

Today I am grateful for Riley – an alumni – who is willing to run the sound board and fixes things before I even say a word. That one has good instincts.

Today I am grateful for Kimber, who is giving up her time to take photos… and she like to talk to me.

Today I am thankful that my 17 year old still wants hugs and loves from her mom.

Today I am thankful for Jeff and Jenni as creative partners. Jenni comes from Portland to help. I will miss her tomorrow. And Jeff puts up with my craziness… like today when I forgot to bring a couple wigs back that we had borrowed for Lilli and he had to run to my house to get them… and when I forgot to tell him that the fire department was coming to get platforms for their awards banquet during our rehearsal. I know he probably rolls his eyes and grumbles at me, but he also will step up and fill in the gaps of my inadequacies. See! He is an awesome create partner.

Today I am grateful that Day 2 of recording Frozen Jr. is done and we were successful in completing the pages/scenes I needed to so that tomorrow we may be able to finish filming.

Today I am grateful for scripture study. I learned much as I thought about what it means to suffer both body and spirit.

What are you grateful for today?

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