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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 93


Today I am grateful for scripture study. Today I am grateful for the reminder that I am commanded to pray everywhere and at all times. I am commended to share my testimony of Jesus Christ freely. I am commanded to be humble and to allow the Lord to teach me and to mold me. I am commanded to trust Him. I am commanded to put away negative thoughts and speech and to focus on the positive in all I say and do. I am commanded preach faith in Christ, repentance, baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost as my guide and mentor. All these great commandments in just a few scriptures.

Today I am grateful for good news regarding the health of a loved one. God is a God of miracles!

Today I am grateful for ideas that were useful in a meeting this morning. I am happy that I can contribute.

Today I am grateful that my classes seemed to go okay today. Lots more participation today than I had the last time I gave this same lesson.

Today I am grateful that I was able to get through all my emails before the end of the school day and to catch up with grading on worked turned in.

Today I am grateful for Kimber giving up one more day to help at the recording of the musical.

Today I am grateful for the video media student who rearranged his life to help with the recording of Frozen Jr… and ran for 4 hours as he manned 3 cameras by himself.

Today I am thankful for the cast and crew of Frozen. We made it the end of recording today. It was bitter sweet because most of these kids are seniors and it will be the last time they will actually be on stage. I am grateful for this group of seniors who have been with Jeff and I since they were so young. We have all done a lot of growing up together. So many tears tonight. God has been gracious in giving me the opportunity to teach, coach, laugh, cry, and be with these remarkable people. Today I am thankful for my creative partner, Jeff. We have done so much together. Many of my defining moments within my craft have come with this incredible friend at my side. So many beautiful moments and beautiful shows. Thank you Jeff for helping me to stretch and spread my wings in many a creative venture!

Today I am grateful for John who started some tortellini soup for me to eat. It was what I was craving.

What are you grateful for today?

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