#gratitude, gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Days 110 and 111

Today I am thankful for some time with Lilli as we turned in cans and went to Goodwill.

Today I am thankful John got some stuff off to the dump and out of the front yard.

Today I am thankful a yummy salad for dinner.

Today I am thankful it was mostly sunny. But boy! It was cold and windy.

Today I am thankful for a lovely Zoom call listening to my nephew JaKobe delivering his mission farewell talk and answering questions. I pray his mission will be a great experience and that he will come home fulfilled.

Today I am grateful for my parents. The older I get the smarter they get! I know. They were always super smart. I’m just recognizing that more and more, especially as I tend to repeat their lives.

Today I am thankful for some time to sew a couple bears. Now I just need to sell some more to pay for this habit of mine!

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