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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 121

Okay… it took me a bit to get to this mind set. Drive to work I was still a little grumpy and sitting in the mud with my dead horse. As I rounded the s-curve corner and gazed over at Roth’s I knew what I needed to do to change my attitude. I whipped into the parking lot and walked into the store where I bought a dozen donuts, an ice tea (for my friend who likes iced tea), some microwave popcorn (for my other friends who don’t eat donuts), some nut snacks (for my friend who was recently diagnosed with cyliacs disease), and some lunch bags to separate the treats. Then I drove to school and started making little treats for people at work. I had my friend print a little note I created about how the people I work with make coming to work sweeter. I put together bags with donuts, and some fun size candies I had in my office, loaded up a cart and started my deliveries. I gave the donuts to a custodian who always helps me, a few of my teacher friends, and the admin team. I gave the popcorn and the nuts and the tea to my friends who don’t eat sugar. And I put the little candy treats in all the staff boxes. Every person I stopped in to see smiled. Every person I stopped to see thanked me and told me that this small act of kindness was just what they needed today. Today I am grateful for the change of attitude that happened when I practiced kindness. God is good and I had the most fun day. It is true. When you don’t like how things are going, killing them kindness. Whether or not it makes a difference for others, it will always make a difference for you.

Today I am grateful that I got a ton done today.

Today I am grateful for Lilli and Jordan who ran an errand for me.

Today I am grateful the chiropractor.

Today I am grateful for easy, yummy Butter Chicken that I made for dinner. It was so good! And I felt like we were fancy! Today I am thankful Lilli helped me make dinner. It was fun working in the kitchen together.

Today I am grateful for John’s first swimming lesson. After dinner we hopped in the pool and I taught him about a good kick. We exercised and kicked for a long time. He was a ways to go before he will really be swimming, but it will all be good exercise. I am so out of practice. But I did kick with a kick board for about 10 minutes straight. And I “ran” against the current for an other 10 minutes. I am tired, but it was good.

Today I am grateful for the soak in the hot tub after the swimming lessons and the good chat we had while we soaked.

Today I am grateful for General Conference tomorrow. Today I am grateful that I will be able to listen to all of the sessions… no extra things are scheduled to morrow that will cause me to not be able to listen.

What are you grateful for today?

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